the following poe mask 'The Following' spoilers: 5 twisted things to expect in upcoming episodes“The Following” premiered last week to spectacular ratings, and given the social media buzz surrounding this new FOX thriller, we’re confident that Kevin Williamson has another must-watch hit on his hands. The series, which stars Joe Carroll as the cunning leader of a cult of serial killers and Ryan Hardy as the fallen FBI agent desperate to best him, is only about to get more twisted. You’d better tune in Monday nights at 9 p.m. EST — but in the meantime, here are some teasers to tide you over. Check out 5 things to expect from “The Following” this season.

1. Meet Agent Parker.
After Jeananne Goossen’s character from the pilot, Agent Mason, is sent back to Quantico, she’s replaced by Agent Debra Parker (Annie Parisse) an expert on cults and “alternative religion.” Parker has an extremely shadowy past herself, as we’ll discover in an upcoming flashback to her teenage years — and her own history gives her unparalleled insight into Joe Carroll. But is she playing him, or is he playing her?

the following paul jacob 320 'The Following' spoilers: 5 twisted things to expect in upcoming episodes2. Jacob’s hiding a secret. You wouldn’t know it from the pilot episode, but Carroll’s followers — Jacob, Paul, and Emma the “nanny” are about to become the most compelling, disturbing part of this show.

The three killers move into a secluded home with Claire’s son, Joey, and we learn that Jacob and Emma are in a romantic relationship. But there’s something Jacob isn’t telling her… a secret that only Paul knows. And it’s a good one.

3. Paul goes off the book. While Emma remains Carroll’s most loyal subject, keeping Jacob’s secret starts to wear on Paul — and he shocks everyone by veering off of Carroll’s perfectly calculated plan. When he meets a friendly stranger at the local market, she can’t help but be swayed by his charms (and his face)… but she’s in for a very, very bad night.

kevin bacon ryan jenny the following 'The Following' spoilers: 5 twisted things to expect in upcoming episodes4. Ryan has a sister. In the fourth episode, we’ll learn much more about why Ryan is the way that Ryan is. His life has been absolutely mired in tragedy, even before Carroll started slaughtering co-eds. Susan Misner plays Jenny, the only person in his life he truly trusts.

But Ryan is quickly reminded that in his line of work, being close to people only puts them in danger. The episode will also give us particular insight into his relationship with Claire, and why things never worked out between them after Carroll was sentenced.

5. Mike has a hero-worship situation of his own. Get ready to fall in love with Shawn Ashmore’s Special Agent Mike Weston as he makes increasingly endearing attempts to win Ryan’s favor. Mike is an example of how loyalty and admiration can be a good thing, and it’s refreshing to see someone on the force trust Ryan’s instincts given Ryan’s history with Carroll.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie