the fosters season 2a finale midseason sherri saum 'The Fosters' Season 2A finale will finally show Sherri Saum from the waist downJust because the Season 2A finale of “The Fosters” is a midseason finale doesn’t mean the show’s going to shortchange any storyline — in fact, there are developments in “Someone’s Little Sister” for every character.

“You can’t expect anything less from ‘The Fosters.’ We’ve got to give you the drama,” teases Sherri Saum ahead of the episode. “Even though it’s the midseason finale there’s so many new cans of worms that are opened.”

She tells Zap2it, “Just when you think the chapter’s closed on Callie’s adoption or whatever it might be, there’s a new wrinkle. There’s definitely some satisfying conclusions and evolutions but there’s going to be a whole new can of worms opened on so many fronts that’s going to keep people chomping at the bit for Season 2B.”

That’s right, it’s almost like “Pretty Little Liars” up in here: For every answer there’s another question. While you’ll have to stay tuned to hear Saum’s take on the episode — hit up Zap2it after the East Coast airing for some intel about Season 2B — here’s what she can say about episode 10 of Season 2.

First of all, you can see her full body. Saum had to hide her pregnancy throughout the season (she was much further along than her character), and turned up via fuzzy video chat in the episodes filmed while she was out on maternity leave.

“All the giant purses and the kayaks and the desks will be gone and I’m going to be seen from the neck down. Finally! Good news for everybody,” she jokes. “Obviously I was occupied for an important reason and I was so grateful for my twins, but I was kind of sad to not be fully in the episodes and interacting with everybody. I’m glad they snuck me in the Skype calls with Stef. That was important.”

In “Someone’s Little Sister,” Lena is back at Anchor Beach after chaperoning a camping trip, where she butts heads with the new principal.

“She goes back to work hoping for the best,” Saum says. “She meets the new principal and things seem like they’re going to gel between them — they have similar ideals and philosophies — but there’s definitely a few sticking points … in the dynamic between the new principal and Lena. It remains to be seen how that’s going to play. She wants to be there at the school but she just can’t abide by certain things.”

“The Fosters” airs Mondays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family. Watch an exclusive clip from the Season 2A finale below.

Posted by:Jean Bentley