the fosters season 2 midseason finale callie adoption 'The Fosters' Season 2B: Callie and Brandon's kiss, Jude's camping hookup and moreJust when it seemed like poor Callie might catch a break and finally get officially adopted, “The Fosters” midseason finale snatched her hope away and tore it up like her crazy little sister destroying some official documents.

Robert Quinn (Kerr Smith) finally signed the papers that would allow Stef and Lena to adopt Callie — and, more importantly, Callie recognized that she has some new extended family members — only to find that Sophia (Bailee Madison) tore them up in a scheme to get Callie to move in with her.

“It’s tough, but she knows that we’re never going to stop fighting for her,” says Sherri Saum, who plays foster mom Lena. “Even though this has just been a rollercoaster of expectations and disappointments for her, she knows we’re not going anywhere so no matter what happens we’re just going to keep on fighting. But it is heck of a wrench thrown in the works for Callie.”

Callie has a stronger support system than she has in years — including the Fosters, little brother Jude and Rosie O’Donnell’s Rita. “She’s got us and she also has been leaning on Rita from Girls United so hopefully she’s not going to run away,” Saum tells Zap2it. “She’s going to know we’re there for her and we’re going to find a way to keep her legally.”

Although there were plenty of Callie developments — how about that kiss with Brandom?! Saum says she’ll keep mum on that one until the new episodes start airing — the other characters faced some pretty big changes too. Lena quit her job, Jude admitted that something happened on the camping trip with Connor and Jesus and Mariana saw Ana.

Saum says that those developments — Mariana’s confused feelings about Ana, Lena’s protectiveness of Jude — helped bring the family closer.

“Now more than ever Lena’s really grateful for the family she has. She lost her biological child and even though she’s been saying all the long to the kids that DNA doesn’t matter, now she finally gets to know that profoundly and walk the talk,” she says. “She does realize that the family she has is everything and she couldn’t love them any more if she tried. She always knew it intellectually but she feels it now in a whole new way how important her family is to her.”

For Callie, Jude, Mariana and Jesus, “Lena’s going to be that constatnt reminder to them that DNA really doesn’t determine anything,” Saum says. They’re a family and they’re always going to be a family and they have a soft place to fall no matter what happens.”

“The Fosters” will return for a new run of episodes at a date TBD.

Posted by:Jean Bentley