the glades matt passmore kiele sanchez season 4 premiere ae 'The Glades' Season 4 cliffhanger: Will Callie say yes to Jim's proposal?

The big cliffhanger at the end of “The Glades” Season 3 happened when Jim proposed to Callie unexpectedly. Now that Season 4 is coming, fans will finally be able to get some answers. Does Callie say yes? What happens if she says no? What can we expect to come next?

While visiting the set of “The Glades” earlier this summer, Matt Passmore and Kiele Sanchez hinted a bit about what’s to come.

Are you engaged now?

Kiele Sanchez: Um, no … I, uh, what can I say? Um …

When after the proposal does Season 4 begin?

Sanchez: It doesn’t pick up right at the second that the last episode ended. You don’t actually get to see my answer.

Why would Callie say no to Jim?

Sanchez: Well, I think that the thing that’s difficult for my character is that she’s made so many sacrifices to get where she is, to be in Atlanta and away from her son. This relationship has been really, really taxing on her as well.

And so this proposal, I think, is much more complicated for her. They’re also adults, and I think that Callie understands all too well that jumping into things and following your heart can maybe not be the best decision always. Her struggle is with independence and to be independent as a single mom versus love and a new relationship.

What will happen to Jim if Callie says no?

Matt Passmore: I think that we’re seeing an evolution in Jim’s heart, especially to do with Callie. And I think that’s always been the way the show is. Maybe why we forgive Jim a bit for being a prick in the interrogation room, is because we see just how different he is around this woman.

Will Jim be okay with Callie taking time before she gives him an answer?

Sanchez: I think that he understands Callie probably better than everyone else around him does. I think everyone else around them is a little nervous that she is mulling it over or has any hesitation. And I think that he believes in them and I think also trusts her and her process.

What will happen if Callie and Jim do get engaged?

Passmore: The main through-line that we see is Jimmy and Callie’s relationship. Will Callie say yes? And if she does, what is that gonna do? You know, I think Jim’s a good boyfriend, but we’ll see how he goes as a husband.

Do you think the show will continue to work if everything is good between Jim and Callie?

Passmore: Even if they do get married, it’ll still be about that — about the journey, not about any kind of blissfulness or any kind of horrible dragging through a relationship thing. It’s should be a roller coaster of highs and lows. 

“The Glades” Season 4 premieres Monday, May 27 at 9pm on A&E.

Posted by:Laurel Brown