kiele sanchez the glades zach gilford 550 ae gi 'The Glades' Season 4: Kiele Sanchez likes having 'housewife' Zach Gilford around

Kiele Sanchez knows if you’re literally going to sweat out doing a series, it’s good if your spouse is another actor who understands.

The former co-star of “Lost” and “Related” starts her fourth season as nurse Callie Cargill — long-distance girlfriend and potential fiancee of Florida police detective Jim Longworth (Matt Passmore) — on the A&E mystery series “The Glades” Monday, May 27. Sanchez married “Friday Night Lights” alum Zach Gilford at the very end of 2012, and she’s grateful he knows the business … and can handle hot temperatures.

“It absolutely helps,” the pleasant Sanchez confirms to Zap2it. “Both of us have a very similar outlook. As passionate as we are about our jobs and as ambitious as we are about our careers, it’s not going to change how we feel about ourselves. It goes so up-and-down, we don’t like to drink the Kool-Aid, as I like to say.”

His FOX series “The Mob Doctor” having been canceled last fall, Gilford has visited Florida often since Sanchez resumed location filming of “The Glades” in January. “He loves it,” she says. “He’s been here most of the time, but he’ll go off on his own. He really likes being my ‘housewife.’ He’s such a cold-climate person, his parents are shocked that I can get him to live with me down here.”

Sanchez actually is amazed she’s made it through nearly four rounds of “The Glades” herself, given the challenges posed by the environment. “We usually don’t get down here until the end of March,” she reports, “so we’re usually here for June and July. That’s the kind of heat where you feel like someone is baking you and is about to eat you.

“The skin just gets so toasty, and it’s so humid. For me, the bugs are the worst part. And they love me. That is not a good combination.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin