holly glass house 'The Glass House': Holly's favorite psychologist is Dr. PhilPreviously on “The Glass House,” the show was no “Big Brother.” First off, the live feeds are totally boring. Secondly, the show only airs once a week, which is fine for most shows, but on a show like this, it feels like it’s been forever. All this stuff has been happening in the house that we have no idea about.

Plus, since the players don’t vote each other out, there is no strategizing and scheming, which is boring. And finally, Alex – a total d-bag who thinks he’s so much cleverer than he actually is. Hopefully the viewers saw that about him and didn’t vote to bring him back.

The Aftermath

The players are told that one of the guys quit and that the viewers still vote on the other one. So Kevin takes some time to make fun of Jacob and Alex and he’s actually pretty funny, especially when he makes fun of Alex’s freaky-deaky teeth. Seriously, what is up with those chompers?

Alex is brought back through the tube and it is revealed that the viewers voted no. Bwahahaha! The houseguests cheer and clap, it’s rather delightful. You never get to see an a-hole on reality TV get the rug yanked out from under him so quickly. That’s amazing.

Now the house wants to know who voted for Erica to go to limbo and Holly finally confesses, after lying about it. And apparently she also lied about being an Art History major – though hilariously, Robin says she knows Holly was lying because she didn’t know who painted the “Sixteenth” Chapel.

So Robin, Joy and Erica confront her and she “comes clean” that she’s a Psych major, but then can’t name a psychologist – she tries Dr. Phil. Wow.

The Viewer Votes

Now we find out which two houseguests have received the least number of “want to see stay” votes. The two lowest vote-getters are captains this week. It ends up being Apollo and Ashley. Interesting.

When the captains pick teams, Ashley picks Kevin, Stephanie, Joy, Andrea and Jeffrey and  Apollo picks Holly, Gene, Mike, Erica and Robin.

The Challenge

The challenge involves throwing big eggs through birdhouse roofs with houseguests’ names on them in the fastest time. Each houseguest from the winning will either get the punishment or reap the reward of whichever birdhouse their egg is in.

Team Ashley struggles because Ashley can’t toss the darn eggs. Seriously, she’s terrible. But Team Apollo struggles even worse – Gene is also a little terrible. They end up losing 5:54 to 3:48.

So Apollo is going into Limbo for sure, along with … probably Holly. Nobody seems to like her. But now Apollo’s paranoia kicks in, he is so weird. He thinks Gene threw the competition and earlier he thought everybody was talking about him in the kitchen. He is a weird dude.

He then accuses Gene of throwing it and he has no argument, plus he seems to think that being a stuntman has something to do with catching and throwing footballs. Gene wasn’t great at the challenge, but he didn’t throw it.

The Vote

Holly gets voted into Limbo by an overwhelming majority. Erica gets Holly’s vote and that’s the only dissenter.

So, what do you think of “The Glass House” so far? And who will you be voting back into the house, Holly or Apollo?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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