abc the glass house 'The Glass House' is 'right on course' despite 'Big Brother' copycat lawsuit, says executive producerA big stone is being thrown at a glass house — in the form of an inter-network lawsuit — but one of the chief architects maintains the project is progressing as planned.

Set to premiere Monday, June 18, the ABC reality-competition series “The Glass House” puts 14 people together in a house where they vie through various challenges for the ultimate win of a big cash prize (in this case, $250,000).

Sound familiar?

It did to CBS, too, which is why the network that has broadcast the similar “Big Brother” since 2000 is suing ABC to keep “The Glass House” from debuting. The new show will involve a big social-media component, letting viewers interact with the contestants and help steer them through the game, presumably changing up the concept enough for ABC to label the suit “meritless.”

“There have been some distractions along the way,” allows “Glass House” executive producer Kenny Rosen to Zap2it, “but for the most part, we’re right on course.”

Previously employed on “Big Brother” — as were at least 18 other “Glass House” staff members, the CBS suit claims — Rosen maintains the ABC series has “an original concept, an original idea and an original game that is nothing like any other show that’s ever been done. We’re going to defend the claims in litigation and just keep calm and carry on.”

That’s not just a phrase, since Keep Calm and Carry On is the name of the production company behind “The Glass House” … a defendant in the lawsuit, as is Rosen. Nevertheless, carrying on is just what he says he’s doing. And, he vows, “We’re going to have a great show on June 18.”

Posted by:Jay Bobbin