glee project dani tyler lily 'The Glee Project': Dani, Lily and Tyler struggle with 'Danceability'Should we be concerned that more time was spent on “The Glee Project’s” budding showmances than the premature exit of one of its contestants? The crop of “Glee” hopefuls is still quite large, but briefly mentioning Taryn‘s exit offhand in the first 10 minutes seemed a little unceremonious.

For a show not even two episodes into its second season, things got really dramatic really fast. Mario rubbed folks the wrong way during the homework assignment, but things seemed to be forgiven when the performance ended up rocking.

The music video, on the other hand, was disastrous. Nobody could remember their choreography correctly, and a few of the better singers had trouble recording the song. During the shoot, Aylin upped the drama as she flirted and made out with not one but two of the guys on the show. Her spark is back, that’s for sure.

It’s interesting to note that the showmance was a bigger deal than the fact that there were several same-sex matchups in the contestants’ on-camera game of spin the bottle. Frankly, it’s kind of awesome that it wasn’t a bigger deal. How very “Glee” of them.

Here’s how the last chance performances shook out:

“Landslide,” Fleetwood Mac
Loved the little twang in her voice. Ryan Murphy seemed to be smirking the whole time, which is totally a sign that he loves her. “I think that your talent is without dispute,” he says. But is she the right kind of performer for “Glee”?

“Daniel,” Elton John
All in all, the performance was much, much better than week one. The panel thought so too, with a spirited applause — but Murphy says that maybe he’s not taking enough risks.

“Man, I Feel Like a Woman,” Shania Twain
The team expected a lot more from her during the music video, but she brings it during the last chance performance. Love what she does with the melody, and she gets super-spirited with the choreography and flirts with the band. Unfortunately, the panel is not into her defensive attitude.

Ultimately, Dani wasn’t poppy enough for the show, although Murphy respects her artistry. She took the exit in stride (though she was quite sad about it, actually), but should she have gone? This elimination seemed a little less obvious than the first week.

Did the right person go home?

Posted by:Jean Bentley