There’s no denying that sexuality is a hot topic on “Glee” — after all, it’s a show about good-looking teenagers. Still, when the remaining “Glee Project” contestants learned that sexuality would be this week’s theme, they were all caught off-guard. Zap2it has the exclusive video of the kids rehearsing for their latest homework assignment — Madonna’s “Like a Virgin.”

On “Glee,” the song was used during a climactic scene in which three couples ventured into the bedroom for the first time — Will and Emma, Rachel and Jesse, and Finn and Santana. (Only Finn and Santana ever actually did the deed, of course.) This time, the kids have to set up their own scenario… involving Damien seducing Hannah.

“I’m like a koala bear. I can’t be sexy!” Hannah says. “I’m definitely nervous about the whole idea of sexuality. It’s something very new to me. Damien is definitely someone that I could have feelings for, so it’s a little bit uncomfortable just having to be sexy with each other.”

Could a love connection be made in this episode? It seems Damien has enough on his mind already. “I’ve been in the bottom three four times,” he says. “I’ve dealt with just an absolutely incredible amount of pressure… I don’t know what to expect.”

While Samuel seems comfortable turning up the heat, Cameron is less than thrilled about the theme, though he understands its purpose. “I’m not comfortable really with the whole sexuality theme,” he says. “Obviously on ‘Glee’ there’s sex and there’s sexual things about it. That’s what makes ‘Glee’ connect with a lot of people.”

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie