glee project season 2 premiere 'The Glee Project' Season 2 reveals a whole lotta backstory, but is the talent there?The cast of “The Glee Project” Season 2 is certainly diverse — in race, gender, sexuality, disability, background and pretty much any other way you can think of — but our main concern going into the premiere was whether these people with undeniably interesting backgrounds would actually be talented enough to justify their presence on the show, which will ultimately get at least one person a guest arc on “Glee.” (Ryan Murphy says there’ll only be one winner this year, but here’s a grain of salt for that news.) We’ll rest easy from now on, because the talent is certainly there.

It’s hard to keep track of the cast at the beginning of any reality competition, considering there are so many contestants there. The star of the premiere was certainly Shanna, who won the homework assignment (earning her a private mentoring session with Lea Michele) and later the music video, landing her on the top of the callback list.

As far as other people we found pleasant to watch, Mario was a little cocky but charming in spite of it, Allie was ultra cheerful and Lily clearly wanted to claim her territory as the crier of the season. Dani and Charlie were also great, but we can see how Charlie might start to grate on people’s nerves. We’re hoping the others will be able to make their marks in future weeks.

The bottom three contestants were Aylin, Tyler and Maxfield. Here’s how the last chance performances went down:

Aylin: “Without You” by David Guetta
This girl made the panel grin and tear up, and she also gave us goosebumps — dare we say we liked it better than Lea Michele’s version on “Glee”? (We’ll dare to say it. She was awesome. We’d buy that on iTunes.)

Tyler: “ABC” by the Jackson 5
There’s no denying Tyler has talent, but he seems to be outclassed by the rest of the folks in the competition. His performance of “ABC” wasn’t bad, but it didn’t stand out either. He needs a little time to find his voice. Murphy says it like it is: Tyler has a great story, but not a great voice.

Maxfield: “Always On My Mind” by Willie Nelson
He’s got the country heartthrob thing down, it’s just a matter of whether Murphy likes him or not. Personally, we find a lot of the other contestants to be way more dynamic, but we certainly didn’t dislike his performance.

Ultimately, Murphy agreed with us and sent Maxfield home. Since we only got to know him for about an hour, we’re not too broken up about it. Did the right person leave?

Posted by:Jean Bentley