Finally, the Globes are getting animated.

A new category has been established for the next year’s Golden Globe Awards: “Best Animated Feature Film."

According to the piping-hot-off-the-presses HFPA release, eligible films must, and we quote, be "feature-length (70 minutes or longer) with no more than 25% live action. But if less than eight animated films qualify, the award will not be given, in which case the films would be eligible for best picture. Otherwise they would not be eligible for the best picture category. The category will be limited to three nominations per year."


In the past, the Hollywood Foreign Press Assn. recognized many animated feature films in the best picture (musical or comedy) category; "Beauty and the Beast," "Aladdin," "The Lion King," "Toy Story," "Toy Story 2," "Chicken Run" and "Shrek.”

Gosh, just think of the top notch voice talent this new category may bring in too! We’re talking Tom Hanks, Ralph Fiennes, Dakota Fanning, Kelsey Grammer, Mike Myers, Cameron Diaz, Antonio Banderas, John Cleese, Julie Andrews, Robin Williams, Eddie Murphy, Jeremy Irons, Mel Gibson, Matthew Broderick and — Tom Hanks!

According to HFPA prez Philip Berk, “Animated features have become an important component of the studio lineup so there was an overwhelming consensus that this new category be created.” This will enlarge the Globes categories to 25, not counting the Cecil B. DeMille Award for life achievement, a mega-biggie, if you ask me.

But how about some johnny-on-the-spot Golden Globes fashion awards straight off the red carpet that night? C’mon, why not? Why let Joan and Melissa or Ryan Seacrest or God forbid, that tawdry Isaac Mizrahi have all the fun that night? Lets extend the show by half an hour, drag the winners up there and make them accept their best-dressed Globe awards. Just call it cutting out the middle man.

All in favor, say “Woo-hoo!”

Posted by:LATimes