the good guys bradley whitford colin hanks 320 'The Good Guys': Bradley Whitford, Colin Hanks and...a mustache?While most series are wrapping up their seasons, FOX’s new show “The Good Guys” is just now beginning.  

From “Burn Notice” creator Matt Nix, “The Good Guys” follows two detectives, each with their own issues.

Dan (Bradley Whitford) is washed-up, completely baffled by modern technology and spends most of his time drunk.
Jack (Colin Hanks) is ambitious, but his snarky mouth has kept him from advancing his career. And now that he’s stuck with Dan as a partner, he finds himself getting involved in the old man’s ridiculous plans.

The series has comedy, a little romance, some action and an awesome car, which is fun, so Korbi TV decided to head down to Dallas where they shoot and catch up with the “Guys” who explained why this show is different from all the other cop series. 

“It’s mediocre cop, mediocre cop, I think,” Whitford jokes in the video below.

“I think so many of the cop shows from the past ten years have really been — They’re all great, they’re all entertaining programs — But they’re all one version of a cop show,” Hanks muses. “It’s all, we’re going to establish some characters and there is a computer geek and then there’s a lead guy and then there’s a really attractive girl who knows what they’re doing and they’re going to solve a series of crimes and here’s all the cool stuff they do to solve it.”

Well said.
“For us, for this show, it’s not anything new in that it’s two different guys who have different approaches in doing things,” he continues. “But it’s kind of different… in terms of what’s been popular in the last ten years: We’re cracking jokes. We’re being funny. It’s a comedy and a cop show and I don’t really think that’s around right now. I think, in that regard, we’re really sticking out and doing something different.”

Speaking of different, given the recent press surrounding Whitford’s new mustache, we obviously had to raise the subject with him.

“Honestly, I had no idea my ability to grow facial hair would get that kind of attention,” Whitford says.

“I knew I was going to be sharing billing with you,” Hanks jokes. “I didn’t know I’d be sharing billing with your facial hair.”

“It’s a mystery to me,” Whitford insists. “[It’s] the, I guess, retro fascination, combined with repulsion, for the American mustache.”

Love it.

Peep the video for a glimpse of the real-life chemistry Whitford and Hanks have going on…


They were there to promote Wednesday’s “Good Guys” preview. 
Don’t forget to set your DVR: May 19 at 8 p.m. on FOX.  

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Posted by:Marisa Roffman