the good guys diana maria riva 'The Good Guys': Diana Maria Riva on being the boss and her two unruly boys“The Good Guys” star Diana Maria Riva (Lt. Ruiz) is one tough chick.

Sure, Riva has portrayed law enforcement types before — most recently on “Castle” — but on “TGG,” she gets to be in charge.

When Korbi TV caught up with her on the Dallas set, she couldn’t have been more thrilled with her new role.

“I love playing women with strength and power,” Riva tells us. “And it’s a controlled strength and power, it’s not reckless. There is an intelligence to her and a lifelong investment to her career and it’s a total costume that I’ve never worn before.”

And probably being the only woman in the world who has any sort of
control over Dan Stark has to be fun, too, right?

“Bossing around Jack and Dan…I don’t think she looks as it as a bad thing to do,” Riva says. “Just a headache that she has to do it so often. They’re her two unruly boys who know the rules, but she has to continually repeat herself because a time-out doesn’t really work.”

And despite evidence to the contrary, Riva insists that Dan does respect Lt. Ruiz and her authority.

“There is a history there between Dan and Lt. Ruiz,” she says. “They were partners at one point, so there is a mutual respect…they have that history and that banter so they know how they can talk to each other without offending [the other person].”

Here’s to hoping we get a flashback to their time as partners…

Oh, and p.s., Riva is on Twitter and has made a specific request to “The Good Guys” creator Matt Nix…but so far, he hasn’t responded. So she needs your help to make it happen. What does she want? Watch the video to find out…

What do you think? You willing to tweet Matt Nix to help Riva out?

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