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Are Jack and Liz from the new FOX show “The Good Guys” destined to be the next frustratingly hot non-couple?

When Korbi TV caught up with Jenny Wade (Liz) on the Dallas set, she certainly seemed to indicate that the duo was headed in that direction. 

“I think the lines being blurred between business and pleasure [for Liz and Jack] is sort of becoming more [blurred] as the episodes go on,” Wade tells us. “In the initial episodes, you’ll see they’re both trying really hard to put up that professional front of keep home at home and keep business [at business]. And we’re both putting on the appearance of having moved on, and picking up the pieces.”

But that’s not working so well, is it?

“It’s difficult,” she allows.”The more time they spend together — as with any former couple — you sort of start to have those feelings [again]. I don’t know where it’s going to go. We’re feeling it out at this point.”

Watch the video for more from Wade on the subject. Plus, she’s got some strong praise for “The Good Guys” creator Matt Nix

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Posted by:Marisa Roffman