good wife breaking fast 'The Good Wife': Alicia goes head to head with Glen ChildsOn “The Good Wife,” Alicia faces off with Glen Childs over a malicious prosecution case, and Alicia’s brother Owen comes to town and manages to stir up some trouble for Peter’s campaign.

Owen Cavanaugh

Alicia’s brother is in town to lecture at DePaul and manages to get caught on a kid’s streaming video bad-mouthing Peter, including that Peter is homophobic. Alan Cumming’s reaction as he watches the video is nothing short of hilarious.

Turns out Owen was just causing a few problems for Peter to get back at him for hurting Alicia, but Peter sticks it to Owen about not being there for Alicia through their problems. Will Owen be back? We hope so, but we fear he is heading back to Oregon for awhile.

The Case of the Week

In a case of malicious prosecution, Kalinda gets to kick some butt proving that a man prosecuted for killing three people in a sniping incident is innocent and another man is actually the real sniper. The sexual tension is rising between her and new investigator Blake (and based on the previews, it’s not going away anytime soon).

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We loved watching Alicia take Glen Childs to task during his deposition. We want that slimy jerk to just go away, but then what would the show do for a villain?
  • Was the kid in Owen’s class the same kid who got Grace on his cell phone? We aren’t sure, but it looked like him, didn’t it?
  • We saw Kalinda looking at surveillance photos of Blake playing basketball with Will — what do you suppose the Blake-Derrick-Will connection is going to turn out to be?

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