good wife julianna margulies matthew perry 'The Good Wife'   'Death of a Client': Matthew Perry returns and 5 more things to look forward toMatthew Perry is back for the fireworks we’ve come to expect between his character, Republican gubernatorial candidate Mike Kresteva, and the Florricks on an all new episode of “The Good Wife.”

Here are 5 other things to look forward to in “Death of a Client”:

  • There’s no lag time for fans, as Alicia and Kresteva face off within the first few frames of the episode. Saint Alicia isn’t so saintly in this instance — you kiss your mother with that mouth, Alicia?
  • Speaking of Alicia’s mother, Stockard Channing is back as Veronica, charged with looking after Zach and Grace when there may be a danger. So, naturally, Veronica finds a nice watering hole to hole up in.
  • In a compelling Case of the Week, John Noble (“Fringe”) has a wonderful and heartbreaking guest-starring turn as Matthew Ashbaugh, a client of Alicia’s who is murdered on the street. He was so litigious that dozens of people may have wanted him dead.
  • Will and Alicia hook up on screen! …….. gotcha. It’s just a flashback to the affair. But Alicia isn’t the only person Will has some sparkage with in this episode.
  • Diane gets a very interesting offer from a key player in “The Good Wife” — it’s far too juicy to divulge anything else. But we will say that we kind of hope she takes it.

Overall, it’s an interestingly constructed episode. While Peter and Kresteva are waging war at a white-tie affair to try to get a Cardinal’s endorsement, Alicia is off working a case, which involves a series of flashbacks. You’ll have to let us know what you think. It’s certainly atypical of “The Good Wife.”

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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