derrick bond good wife 'The Good Wife': Derrick Bond out, Kalinda and Cary in?On “The Good Wife,” the firm finally stages a coup, social media and Viola Walsh return and Peter gets Childs to drop out of the race – but also! Cary and Kalinda!

Case of the Week

Miles from “Lost” is Shen Yuan, a Chinese man who was abducted years ago by Chinese government agents for “inciting subversion” because of a blog post he sent to a friend about Democracy coming to China. He is suing a social media website called Chum Hum because it gave his IP address to the Chinese police. The Chum Hum counsel is Viola Walsh (Rita Wilson), Diane’s old friend from the Aaron Sorkin/”Social Network” episode.

Their defense is that they were following the country’s laws and that they didn’t know the repercussions of giving out Shen Yuan’s IP address instead of protecting his anonymity. Neil Gross, the CEO of Chum Hum, testifies that they have supplied not more than 50 IP addresses to the Chinese authorities. But crafty Alicia finds a paper Neil wrote while at Stanford about the arrests and torture of Tibetan activists.

Viola offers them $865,000 and they say no. Going forward, the firm wants to line up dissidents to confirm that there was in fact torture. Viola brings in Shen’s wife to testify that Shen was not tortured. Dun dun dun.

Shen’s wife testified because he cheated on her with a Free Tibet activist. Alicia appeals to Shen to get his wife to recant her testimony or they will never get Chum Hum to stop their practices in China.

Alicia sees Patric Edelstein heading into the firm and realizes they are pursuing this case because Edelstein (the “Social Network” episode version of Mark Zuckerberg) wants Chum Hum out of China so he can swoop in. And guess what? He’ll turn over IP addresses of dissidents too because it’s the law over there. Alicia confronts Will about it and she is not pleased.

When Shen reunites with his wife and she recants her testimony, Viola brings out Paul Houghton, the man who wrote the memo to President Bush that certain interrogation techniques are not torture. He is used to demonstrate that it was the opinion of the United States at the time Shen was imprisoned that he was not tortured.

They send Alicia to convince Shen to stretch the truth that there may have been torture in 2009 (once Bush was out of office). He then suddenly “remembers” being water boarded in February 2009. They ask for $30 million and Chum Hum stop handing over dissident names. They only agree to stop handing over the names, which is what Alicia and Shen wanted. But on her way out, Viola tells Alicia they are under-valuing her and gives Alicia her number.

The Coup

Diane, Will, David and Julius are struggling to hold their votes together to oust Derrick Bond. They realize there are two old fart equity partners still on the books from Stern’s time at the firm. They don’t come to the office, they don’t work, they just receive reports. Diane goes after their votes and they extort her for bonuses and office space. Then one of them up and dies, which leaves Diane and Will tied with Derrick for votes, 22-22.

But Julius goes to Derrick and rats Will out. Oh, Julius, no! He says he’ll vote with Derrick in exchange for David Lee out and Julius being named head of litigation. Derrick agrees, thinking he is up 23-21. I hope this is a ploy and not a for-real flip.

The meeting comes where Derrick calls for a vote to censure and dismiss Diane as an equity partner. But Julius doesn’t vote! Bond exclaims that he fired his head of litigation for Julius, but he didn’t vote his way. Julius says, “Because I don’t like you.” Hee! Will and Diane drink and dance and laugh in her office.

The Campaign

We kick things off at the debate, where Wendy Scott-Carr is getting nailed by the nanny problem. The pollsters don’t like that, but they don’t like Childs criticizing her either. Peter gets in good with the youth vote by mentioning “prison” again.

Unfortunately, it’s not quite enough to knock WSC out of the race. The Florrick campaign had wanted to discover Childs also had a nanny scandal, but Childs says his kids’ nanny was an entirely legal Swedish au pair. Except Zach remembers from horrible Becca’s pictures of drama camp that the nanny is decidedly not Swedish.

They tell Eli and in front of Becca he plays it cool, but privately he is pumped. He tells the kids to get the name of the nanny. Becca approaches Childs Jr. about it and he doesn’t give it up because she’s the most obvious sneak ever and he tells his dad.

But turns out Becca was supposed to be a bad sneak on purpose. Eli wanted Childs tipped off because he then led them right to the illegal nanny and tried to cover it up. Oooh, Eli. You do make us quiver when you’re so clever.

Peter confronts Childs about it. Check and mate. Childs withdraws from the race in a press conference, citing wanting to spend more time with his family. At home, Peter hugs Zach because he knows what Zach did for him.

Kalinda and Cary

Kalinda moves and sends one of her change of address forms to Cary. He shows up at her new apartment, skulking in the shadows to tell Kalinda that Childs is impaneling a Grand Jury investigating sketchy investigator practices by defense firms. Kalinda is one of the main people under investigation. When he asks why he received a COA notice from her, she says it just felt normal. He kisses her and it’s lovely and wonderful.

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