jason biggs good wife 'The Good Wife': Did Kalinda sacrifice Will to save Alicia?The Case of the Week on “The Good Wife” was incredibly interesting, but also – did Kalinda throw Will under the bus to save Alicia?

Case of the Week

Dylan Stack is a man being prosecuted by the U.S. Treasury Department. They want the identity of his client, a person who invented an online currency called Bitcoin because inventing your own currency is illegal. Stack claims attorney-client privilege in not having to reveal his client’s identity, so the Treasury Department starts claiming Stack is Mr. Bitcoin.

Kalinda is front and center, as she goes hunting for Mr. Bitcoin herself and is able to demonstrate that the Treasury guys don’t actually think Stack is Bitcoin because they are tailing her in the hopes of finding the real identity. It’s pretty slick.

And in the end, Kalinda reveals to Stack (and us) that she knows he’s behind Bitcoin along with two other cryptographers. Kalinda’s so smart.

The State’s Attorney’s Office

But speaking of Kalinda – she is approached by Dana to find dirt on Will, after Will and Elsbeth stage a fishing expedition to find out which three judges Wendy Scott-Carr is targeting.

Dana holds the forged marriage document from the divorce case of David Lee’s over Kalinda’s head, saying they’ll go after Alicia if they don’t get something on Will. So in the end, Kalinda hands over a file that makes it look like L/G got a favorable ruling from one of the judges being investigated for bribery when they had no right to.

The Homefront

Alicia is a little worried after hearing Zach and Neesa exchange “I love yous,” so she cautions him to slow it down a little. But Zach plays her perfectly by going to Peter’s apartment, getting almost verbatim advice from Jackie, and then relaying that to Alicia. And Alicia can’t tolerate being anything like Jackie. It’s pretty great.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Do you think Kalinda really threw Will under the bus to save Alicia? Or is there something else going on there? I like to think Kalinda’s smart enough to make it look like she’s giving Dana something, when she’s really not and therefore protecting both of her friends. But I’m not sure she can and I think if Kalinda had to choose, she’d choose Alicia.
  • The Case of the Week was one of the most fun they’ve done. I really enjoyed watching Kalinda do her investigator-fu. And Jason Biggs was funny as Dylan Stack.
  • In case you were wondering, the judges being investigated are Winter (Peter Riegert, who was Boone in “Animal House”), Dunaway (Kurt Fuller, from “Psych” and “Ghostbusters II”) and Parks (David Fonteno of “Law & Order” and “Royal Pains”).
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