chris noth cary good wife 'The Good Wife' EPs: Peter's investigation elicits a 'male code of honor' for WillWhen we last left “The Good Wife,” Wendy Scott Carr just dropped the bombshell to Will that she’s actually investigating Peter and not Lockhart/Gardner, as she is pretending to be. Zap2it spoke with creators Robert and Michelle King about this revelation – and the Kings assure us they have an endgame in mind, but they aren’t spilling the beans.

“We always liked the idea of somebody’s sins catching up with them,” says Robert. “So even though someone could be honestly turning over a new leaf, or at least pretending to turn over a new leaf, you can’t get away from the past. Our thing with Peter’s past in his first term are there are things he did not necessarily go to jail for that have never been answered for.”

The nuance of Peter’s position as the State’s Attorney is that when does doing favors become corruption.

“One of the razor’s edges the show likes to dance on is the idea that in Chicago, but also in a lot of cities, the difference between corruption and doing things for friends is hard to distinguish,” Robert continues. “Yes, Peter did some corrupt things. Some of them he’s already been accused of, some of them are still to be discovered.”

At the mention of Chicago, we brought up the fact that unlike New York or Los Angeles, Chicago is a much smaller city as a whole and thus a much smaller legal community, which Michelle says is why they set it there.

“Chicago has worked for us for the reason you cite and also because of the fact that it has the history of corruption that plays so nicely into the scheme of the show,” says Michelle.

As far as the viewers know, the only person who knows about Wendy Scott Carr’s investigation of Peter is Will – so we’re wondering, given his history with Peter, if he feels compelled to tell anyone what he knows.

“There may be a male code of honor thing going on here,” says Michelle.

“Also, the ego gets in the way here too when someone says all you have to do to save yourself is turn evidence against someone else, there’s this tendencey to say no, you’re not goign to get that from me,” adds Robert. “So I think even though there’s no love lost between him and Peter, he may not be compelled to tell.”

So will Wendy Scott Carr be bringing anyone else into her confidence regarding her investigation?

Michelle says, “Dana is very fair game there.”

We’re curious as to whether there is an endgame for Peter – is he going back to jail, for instance?

“We’ve thought that far ahead, but we can’t say,” teases Robert.

“We know and we’re not spilling it,” laughs Michelle.

We can’t wait to find out what it is. “The Good Wife” airs Sunday nights at 10 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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