alicia florrick cleaning house 'The Good Wife': Excellent episode, but it should've worn a skirt“The Good Wife’s” “Cleaning House” is one of the best episodes so far.

In the case of the week, Alicia is defending a DJ and security at a club where there was a stampede during a rave and several people died. The presiding judge is buddies with the prosecutor and orders Alicia to wear a skirt in court, so that’s about all you need to know about him.

Luckily, the security company has Nancy Dozier working as co-counsel with Alicia (remember her from last season?) and she charms the pants off the judge (not literally, but it wouldn’t have surprised us). And luckily Kalinda finds out the club was at fault and the settlement ends up being $3, the cost of the filing.

In campaign news, someone leaked Alicia and Childs’ deposition from last week’s episode. Eli Gold suspects it’s a third candidate for State’s Attorney looking to make things hard for Peter and Alicia before he or she throws a hat in the ring. Meanwhile, Cary is investigating the leaked tape and brings up a case from when Alicia started at the firm where Peter leaked State’s Attorney’s information to her about pitted evidence. When Alicia is questioned, Will tells Cary to back off Alicia or Will will haul Childs in for questioning on some mysterious matter we don’t know anything about. Yet. Delicious tease.

Peter meets with Childs to warn him about the third candidate. Eli found out the tape leaker was Victoria Adler, a judge who is going to retire and run for State’s Attorney. Diane, at the request of Eli, has to ask Adler not to run, but Adler throws a curve ball and announces Wendy Scott Carr, the lawyer from the deposition with Childs — she leaked the tape. Oooh, twist. 

And in the office, Kalinda finally lets loose on Blake. Or Blake’s car, we should say. It was pretty bad-ass (and kinda hot, right?). She also beats him at sexual chicken, which is nice. We’ve been waiting for him to be knocked back a bit. 

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • So the judge ordering Alicia to wear a skirt in his courtroom was ridiculous, but not inaccurate. When we worked at a law firm, a partner advised us to always have a skirt on in court and to make sure we had on more makeup than usual. It’s like — what is it, 1952?
  • Did you recognize who plays Nancy Dozier? Her name is Mamie Gummer and her mom is none other than Meryl Streep.
  • In an episode very much centered around women’s issues, we weren’t at all bothered by the way Kalinda used her sexuality with Blake. It was in character and it’s yet another facet in the world of being a woman. What did you think about it?

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