chris noth michael j fox good wife finale 'The Good Wife' finale: Season 4 could see a lot of changesWow. What an incredible season finale to “The Good Wife.” It could’ve easily been titled “Things Fall Apart” for Lockhart/Gardner, but the ending left a lot of hope for Season 4 in regards to both Kalinda and the Florricks.

Case of the Week

Louis Canning and Patti Nyholm have teamed up to use a class action case to not only fish for information into Will’s grand jury investigation, but also to destroy Lockhart/Gardner for their clients. It all turns out to be a smoke screen, however – their real ploy was to be such a distraction to the firm that they could poach Patrick Edelstein, the “Facebook” guy, without whom Lockhart/Gardner is in a world of hurt financially.

The case did bring out one very interesting development – Peter was deposed and admitted on the record to his and Alicia’s separation so that no wrong-doing could be cast upon her or L/G in regards to Peter’s meeting with a judge (shoring up gubernatorial support). When did this show start being called “The Good Husband”?

The Homefront

Peter is going to move in to the house with the kids because Jackie paid so much money in the down payment. He intends to improve it and flip it. But Alicia is still out for blood as far as stroke-faker Jackie is concerned – Alicia is suing her for using money from the kids’ trust if Jackie doesn’t sign the house over to the kids.

And Jackie may not be faking her stroke – she certainly seems a little confused. But the jury’s still out on that one, we would definitely not put anything past her.

The Firm

In addition to being in dire straits after Canning and Nyholm are through with them, Cary is back in fine form, which is nice to see. But Kalinda is in trouble. Her husband, who could very well double as the scary phone voice in the “Scream” movies, has found her because of a check she had that Alicia called about. But Kalinda decides to stop running away. She’s waiting for him with a gun like the bad-a** that she is. Though we hope that doesn’t mean Kalinda’s in jail next season.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • We have so many questions about Lockhart/Gardner. As Alicia said (or foreshadowed), the higher-paids are the more expendable. We can’t see the show taking her out of the firm, but it’s something we’ll worry about a little. What is the firm going to do?
  • It was awesome to see Canning try his disability schtick on the judge with a disability and get shot down. Hee!
  • What will become of Alicia and her job if Peter wins the gubernatorial race? That’s probably not a real concern until Season 5 – we imagine the governor’s race will take all of Season 4 – but can that even be a possibility? The governor of Illinois lives in Springfield, not Chicago.
  • It was a bummer not to have any more Mike Kresteva this season, though we aren’t sure where the writers could’ve crammed him in this episode. But we hope Matthew Perry can find time next year to guest-star some more. He’s terrific.
  • As far as the Florricks go, it’s crazy how much we hope Alicia goes back inside to have pizza with her family. While last year we were very much on board with finally getting a Will/Alicia pay-off, this year we loved seeing Peter step up for Alicia and we loved seeing them as a family at their home. What a mark of a good drama. Chris Noth and Julianna Margulies really killed their scenes this episode.
  • Speaking of killing a scene, that scene that began with Will and Peter’s elevator ride and ended with Kalinda showing up? That is the most amazing thing the show has ever done and an early front-runner for our favorite scene on TV this year. Sartre didn’t write such awesomeness.

What did you think, “Good Wife” fans?

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