matthew perry good wife pants on fire 'The Good Wife': Is Matthew Perry a more permanent fixture in light of this latest development?On the latest episode of “The Good Wife,” Mike Kresteva is still lurking about – and now it’s looking like he’s going to be more involved in the Florricks’ lives.

Peter vs. Mike

The big news this week is the dastardly dealings of one Mike Kresteva. He bombards Alicia with a meeting for a total B.S. reason, then goes to the press to say she asked him to censor the blue ribbon panel report to exonerate Peter. Kresteva uses the media attention to throw his hat in the gubernatorial race – oh, and he has a kid with cancer to trot out, so that totally trumps a stand-by-your-man wife.

Mike also straight-up tells Peter – if Peter runs, Mike will make everything very hard on his family. Families are not off the table. But Peter declares his candidacy anyway – in fact, we suspect the fact that his opponent is such a not-nice-word is a good bit of the reason why both he and Alicia support the decision to run.

However, in an ugly little wrinkle – Eli has to stop helping Vanessa run for State Senate. The Democratic Committee tells him they will more strongly back Peter for Governor if Eli backs off with Vanessa, because they have somebody in mind already for the seat she’s seeking. Eli folds, but it really does hurt him to do so. Vanessa, especially because they just slept together, just seems it as Eli being a jerk to her again.

The Homefront

Jackie and Alicia do indeed have a showdown in the salon, though it’s not as fireworks-laden as we were hoping for. But that just left room for the awesome confrontation Peter has with Jackie about buying the house – it has been a long time coming that he really stands up to her.

And what does that do? Why, gives her a stroke. Of course it does. Or, she’s faking. It’s highly unlikely the hospital would play along, so we’ll go with it’s real – but it’s not like Jackie wouldn’t stoop to that, ya know?

Case of the Week

This is an interesting case and one we kind of wish had been in an episode with less going on in other plotlines so it got more focus. Three girls who have been in prison for several years for killing another girl are exonerated because the state crime lab botched the DNA in several cases.

It goes to retrial and it comes down to whether the girls want to accept a plea of admitting guilt but getting credit for time served and being allowed to go home, or if they want to sit in jail another year while the trial happens.

However, intrepid investigator Kalinda figures out that the three girls aren’t guilty – only one of them is. But there isn’t concrete evidence of that and going to trial would be a crapshoot as to whether the one guilty party is held accountable or if they all are.

In the end, the girls take the plea. Which left us with mixed emotions, because we wanted to see Lockhart/Gardner fight for Lindsey and get her found not guilty. Also, the show really glossed over the fact that now she has to go into the world as a convicted felon. This country does not make it easy for convicted felons out in the world. And we’re not making a commentary on whether it should be easier for actual bad guys, but in this particular case, Lindsey didn’t do it. So that’s a big thing to take into consideration.

Overall, this episode was a worthy follow-up to “Blue Ribbon Panel,” which might just be our favorite episode of “The Good Wife” in its three-year run. So we’re glad the follow-up wasn’t a let down. It also set the stage for an exciting last couple of episodes.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • Does anyone ever miss the Florrick kids when they’re not in an episode? We really don’t.
  • Matthew Perry is bringing the heat on this show. He was obviously brilliant on “Friends,” but then “Mr. Sunshine” happened and that was just OK. But then we see him on things like “The West Wing” and this arc on “Good Wife” and it’s like – get this guy a drama! He could absolutely star in a network drama. You know what we wish he would get cast in? Aaron Sorkin’s “The Newsroom,” which is premiering this summer. But anyway, we hope Perry is back in Season 4 of “The Good Wife” – it would be a shame if his arc manages to wrap up completely in the next two episodes.
  • It was awesome to see so much of Kalinda in investigator mode. It’s fun to watch her work.
  • Alicia’s indignation about Kresteva lying about their meeting was rather hilarious. She’s just so good and true-hearted most of the time, it was funny to watch her almost just stomp her feet in anger while Eli just shakes his head. 
  • We’re intensely curious about where this gubernatorial storyline goes – can Peter even win, in the context of the show? Chicago is not the capital of Illinois. A Florrick family move to Springfield would drastically alter the landscape of the program. Would the show move Alicia away? Would she and Peter keep separate residences and finally get to be truly split, using her job as an excuse for the public as to why she’s in Chicago? It really has our gears turning.

What did you think of the episode, “Good Wife” fans?

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