lisa edelstein good wife 'The Good Wife': Lisa Edelstein's Celeste Serrano coming to Lockhart/Gardner?The “Good Wife” episode this week is pretty much just a vessel to get Lisa Edelstein to Lockhart/Gardner. So it’s not exactly one of their best efforts.

Case of the Week

There’s a woman whose doctor used an experimental implant on her without her knowledge, Celeste Serrano (Edelstein) is the opposing counsel. They’re mediating before trial and Celeste happens to be Will’s ex and has picked up on the fact that he’s sleeping with Alicia.

They eventually get the better of both Celeste and the mediator and settle on $8 million for their client. It’s not that interesting, nor is it the crux of the episode. The whole point was to get Celeste hired at Lockhard/Gardner, as the firm she works for is going under.

Crisis of the Week

Eli is helping manage the PR surrounding a listeria outbreak thought to come from cheese in Wisconsin. There’s a reporter finding things out that he only told Kalinda and Diane – but Diane told Will and Will leaked some information in exchange for information from the reporter on his own case.

The Homefront

Owen is back, yay!, helping out with the kids. Zach tells Owen that Peter owned up to having slept with someone else, which Owen then relays to Alicia. Owen also has sussed out that Alicia is sleeping with Will. At the very end of the episode, he expresses his concern that Will will hurt Alicia, but she assures him it’s not “love” with Will. Innnnteresting.

So – not the best episode of “The Good Wife” we’ve ever seen. But next week’s certainly looks good. What do you think, “Good Wife” fans?

Posted by:Andrea Reiher

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