michael j fox lili taylor good wife 'The Good Wife': Michael J. Fox and Lili Taylor, does it get better?On “The Good Wife’s” latest episode, Michael J. Fox guest stars as Louis Canning, a lawyer defending a pharmaceutical company in a class-action lawsuit where an anti-depressant allegedly failed to work.

His character suffers from dyskinesia, which happens to be a symptom of his real-life Parkinson’s disease, and Louis had no problem using his condition to curry favor with the jury.

His antics really are wonderfully devious. Man, we love Michael J. Fox. To combat his courtroom antics, Diane has to make medicine sexy. The tales of anal sex and public sex are hilarious, but we could’ve done without the rat video.

When a therapist turns up with a strong reason why a woman would have killed herself and her husband that is not related to the defective anti-depressant, Will puts Blake on the case of the therapist.

Blake finds a past patient of the therapist who the good doctor slept with. That’s a big no-no and the pharmaceutical company settles (for far less than they were willing to pay out). But it sounds like Blake harmed the therapist enough to hospitalize him and Kalinda knows it.

Meanwhile, in the State’s Attorney’s office race, candidate Wendy Scott-Carr has a white husband, a boob job in her past and … Grace Florrick as a supporter. Ruh roh. But Michael J. isn’t the only sly fox in the episode — Eli Gold uses a Childs plant to leak a story about Wendy’s boob job so that it doesn’t come from the Florrick camp. Sneaky.

Alicia confronts Grace about her support of Wendy, which got caught on video. Grace thinks it’s about free speech, but Alicia reminds her it’s about family. Grace’s problem was with a cartoon video lambasting Wendy for getting her boobs done, which could have come from Florrick’s camp. And regardless of where the video came from, it backfires because Wendy had her boobs done after a breast cancer double mastectomy. *head smack* Hell, we think we’re ready to vote for Wendy.

And in the on-going dueling investigators plot, Blake’s on to Kalinda’s play-for-both-teams proclivities, so she has to tell a past interest of hers, Donna, (the lovely Lili Taylor) to lay low. Instead, they make out in a bar. Sexy. She reaches out to Cary to dig up dirt on Blake and Cary finds out Blake used to protect Baltimore’s biggest meth gang. Naughty, naughty Blake. And even more naughty, he brings Donna to an office party and outs Kalinda.

This show just keeps getting better and better, don’t you think? Much like Julianna Margulies‘ portrayal of Alicia, the show is just very quietly excellent. We aren’t sure how they could get Michael J. Fox back on the show since his character is from New York City, but we think that would be just excellent. Recurring character!

Did you enjoy “Poisoned Pill”?

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