josh charles good wife 'The Good Wife': Military court is scarySo much to discuss from the second episode of “The Good Wife” Season 2. We thought this episode eclipsed the premiere (which was also good) — the court case was particularly interesting.

Spoiler alert – don’t keep reading if you haven’t watched the episode yet.

Double Jeopardy

When Cary loses a murder case, he sics his JAG lawyer friend on it and the man is retried in a court martial, which is apparently very different from a civilian courtroom. The judge (who you may have recognized as “Gossip Girl’s” headmistress) was no-nonsense to the point of ridiculousness. Not teleconferencing in potential witnesses/suspects from Afghanistan? When a man’s life is at stake? That seems a bit extreme to us.

Will’s antics to get a continuance were outstanding, as was Alicia’s putting Cary on the stand as an impeachment witness. We like that Alicia gained the judge’s respect by the trial’s end, but — were the writers trying to make the military look crazy? Yikes.

Back at the ranch …

The Lou Dobbs storyline was an interesting side plot, but what was more intriguing was Diane having Kalinda look into Will and Derrick’s connection. Seeing as how she (thought she) brought Derrick to the firm, it’ll be interesting to see what Kalinda found out. Nice cliffhanger, show.

And on the homefront …

We don’t like the reappearance of Becca. That girl spells t-r-o-u-b-l-e, even if she does know Glenn Childs Jr. And when do you suppose Grace’s on-camera talk about her dad will come to light? Also, while totally dirty and underhanded, we have to admit that Amber Madison’s “song” and music video was kinda funny.

What did you think of “Double Jeopardy”?

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