miranda cosgrove good wife 'The Good Wife': Miranda Cosgrove is 'climbing out of the Disney ghetto'On the latest “Good Wife” episode, Nickelodeon star Miranda Cosgrove guest starred as the client of the week, a teen star named Sloan who is accused of a DUI that gets bumped up to an attempted murder charge.

The case of the week didn’t grab us as much as some other cases have. But we will say that Miranda Cosgrove was excellent going from the spoiled teen star to the girl who wasn’t sure how to keep her family together. The fact that the drunk driver turned out to be the younger sister and the stage mom let Sloan take the fall was not a surprises given what we all know about Hollywood child stars, but gave Cosgrove a meatier role than we thought she had upon first glance.

Back on the home front, Alicia’s daughter Grace is a Sloan fan, but ends up becoming a fan of her mother when she drops by the courtroom during a trial. That was a nice bit of Florrick family business tied into the case of the week.

In the campaign race, the Democratic party wants Peter to drop out and give him “the Howard Dean treatment” by offering him Chairman of the Democratic Committee in exchange for his withdrawal from the race. Peter (with Alicia urging) doesn’t budge and gets Pastor Isaiah’s public endorsement. But Pastor Isaiah’s daddy (and church) don’t much like their son endorsing a white man over a black woman.

So more intrigue appears to be in the cards — not only for the campaign, but for the firm, as new partner Derrick Bond clashes a bit with David Lee (a family law lawyer we saw last season) and Diane. When will we finally know the Will-Derrick-Blake connection? We hope it happens soon. And we can’t wait to see the fallout from Pastor Isaiah throwing his hat in with Peter Florrick.

What did you think of “Bad Girls”?

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