blake kalinda good wife 'The Good Wife': Racial cleansing, Kalinda's bombshell and Lemond Bishop“The Good Wife” sure knows how to return from hiatus, does it not? Lemond Bishop is back, Blake is (still) up to no good, Eli is racially cleansing the campaign and – oh, Kalinda.

Case of the Week

Derrick and his people are clearing out, so the firm is scrambling to
keep Lemond Bishop’s business. He wants their help in his divorce – his
wife Katrina is leaving him because he cheated and she wants money.
Unfortunately, Bishop’s legitimate businesses are tanking, so there is
only his drug money to go after. They enter into mediation (led by none
other than actor Bill Irwin, who will always be Kirby from “My Blue Heaven” to us).

In mediation, an FBI agent says the drug money takes in $80 million a
year. Bishop’s “bookkeeper” Dexter Roja says the FBI may see $80 million
coming in, but that’s not how much they actually make, after payoffs,
product loss, etc. Bishop offers Katrina $1 million and she threatens to
keep his kids from him if he doesn’t cough up more.

Their son Dylan is brought into the mediation and Bishop caves, but
Katrina wants $21 million in exchange for joint custody. Except – DUN
DUN DUN, Kalinda finds out Katrina is having an affair of her own.

They can’t settle on an offer, so they’re going to trial. Until Katrina
OD’s before they can go to court. Her lawyer is livid, convinced that Lemond did it. Alicia looks like she’s not so sure he didn’t do it.

The Firm

Kalinda’s grand jury has subpoenaed her and she elicits Alicia as her lawyer, who advises her to plead the 5th, since a Chicago grand jury will “indict a ham sandwich.” The problem is, in exchange for immunity, Blake testifies against her – remember, he’s the one framing her.

They realize during her testimony that she’s not the target – Lockhart & Gardner is. Blake’s testimony is that he was told by Will to go kneecap that doctor in the pharmaceutical company case, so he assumes Will told Kalinda the same thing. Blake also reminds Will he was charged with covering up Will’s theft at his old firm.

Cary and Childs offer Kalinda a deal in order for her testimony against Lockhart & Gardner. She can either turn state’s evidence against the firm, or get indicted and serve two years. (At this point in the episode, given Kalinda being so “gray area” all the time, we would not have been surprised if she turned or if she didn’t.)

Kalinda decides not to turn and just keeps pleading the 5th – until she says she followed Blake to a hotel recently, wanting to speak with him, but she could not because he was meeting with a black woman. Kalinda insinuates Blake was the one sleeping with Lemond Bishop’s wife. Oooh, Kalinda, you sneaky, sneaky girl.

Blake hears about the testimony and promptly skedaddles, as he knows Lemond is going to come after him. Kalinda meets him in a parking garage, where he reveals to her that he knows Peter helped her cover up her past and she slept with him. Oh, Kalinda.

The Campaign, The Religion and Race

With Childs out of the race, Peter has closed the gap on Wendy Scott-Carr. So the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is in town to “help” Peter. Childs is promising his staff that their jobs will be safe no matter who wins, as the new State’s Attorney can’t afford to start from scratch.

Childs then throws his support behind Wendy, naturally, and the DCCC rep advises Eli to start campaigning for “blue collar whites” or “racist whites,” as Eli so nicely puts it. So he has to start distancing Peter from Pastor Isaiah.

Grace is still exploring her religious views via the Christian podcast. She’s interested in the fact that Jesus was “black,” or more precisely a dark-skinned Middle Eastern man. She also notices her father’s campaign website has removed all the minorities, since they are now courting the “racist white” vote.

So young Grace decides to screw with Eli by telling him about Neesa, Zach’s girlfriend, and how Zach is going to bring her to Peter’s speech at their school. She piles on that she met a nice black guy online.

Grace tells Alicia about the racial cleansing of the campaign and Alicia confronts Eli about it, telling him that Zach and Neesa will be at the speech.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • “The Florrick kids just really love black people.” *snicker*
  • Alicia and Kalinda going out for drinks is delightful. What a nice slow burn on their friendship.
  • No sooner is that above sentence typed than Blake drops the Peter bomb on Kalinda. Oh, Kalinda. But how much did Archie Panjabi kill that scene? The tears welling in her eyes were heartbreaking. Also nice that it was in a parking garage again.
  • Another nice payoff is that we’ve known Kalinda worked for Peter for a long time – did anybody suspect this had happened? We wonder if Archie Panjabi knew that about her character in order to play it a certain way …

Next week: Will the big secret come out? And guess who’s back? America Ferrera!

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