julianna-margulies-good-wife-S3.jpgI feel like we should talk about what actually happened, so that’s what we’ll do first. The main case is this biomed device where the lady had problems, and the whole thing’s in mediation, back and forth between the two conference rooms, which are hotel rooms. The mediator is that guy from The Wire that keeps playing the guy from that show.

And then the opposing counsel is Celeste, n�e Cuddy, who used to date Will. So there’s a lot of wiggly-piggly about them having dated, and will Alicia be weird about that — uh, no, she’s Alicia — and will they use that to rattle Celeste in turn — yes, but not that much — and I guess she’s here for at least three episodes? Which I like, because I like Lisa Edelstein, and she could do better, and this is her doing better.

Meanwhile, Eli gets pulled into this dairy thing where they’re supplying listeria cheese to kids, so there are these — ****ing awesome — things on TV where the kids are barfing and sliding down the walls and going zombie and it’s so cool. They keep showing it over and over, like this endless footage of barfing and eyes rolling up in the heads and you’re like, “I love my kids, but that’s hilarious.” And so it is, right until the (not so charming like usual, way more hair than a person should have) reporter contact makes Eli part of the story.

So suddenly it’s about “This is getting spinned by Eli Gold, famous racist and otherwise spinmaker” and then it’s not so funny anymore. Which is what Diane was trying to head off, in a way, when she went head-to-head with him, at the beginning. Anyway, he’s suddenly tainted and you’ve got Kalinda trying to deal with it and also trying to deal with the Lockhart, Gardner case of the week, and failing on both, and really it’s just a whirlwind of dysfunction for a bit. I honestly don’t know if we’ll hear about it again, but I am thrown and thrilled by this idea of Eli effing up this soon in the season. I don’t like it, but I love it. You know?

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