matthew perry good wife 'The Good Wife' recap: A Home At The End Of My RopeBefore finally replacing Will with clueless old decrepit Howard Lyman as name partner — effectively cutting off the three-way coup permanently and riling everybody up into new hysterics — Diane asks Alicia to take her place on a civilian review board investigating a cop shooting from several weeks ago. The rest of the guys are old white judges we’ve seen before, except for Matthew Perry’s Mike Kresteva and Pastor Charles S. Dutton, who’s there to fill the black quota the same way she’s there to be a woman. It seems to be an open-and-shut review and investigation…

Until, of course, Alicia pulls her whole Alicia Florrick routine on it, decides that the policemen planted a gun on the victim, breaks a million unspoken rules, and hurts a bunch of bossy old white man egos, to the point where they bring in Cary and basically pin this on Peter: That he covered up the possibly planted gun under advice from Eli, not wanting to start even more racial tension right before he announces his bid for the governorship in a few weeks.

Sound likely, or at least possible? Alicia agrees, and in the end she recuses herself — but not before Mike Kresteva announces himself as a new form of Colin Sweeney, putting her in these weird ethical jams, and making fun of her values while also cheering them on. Not what I expected out of a Matthew Perry guest role at all, but certainly intriguing. He has that Wendy Scott-Carr kind of Silent Hill menace going on. Not cuddly at all. It’s great.

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