julianna-margulies-good-wife-S3.jpgLockhart & Associates is brought into a wrongful death suit that eventually becomes a full-frontal fight against the very concept of hockey once it’s revealed that that the plaintiff — who accidentally snow-ski’d his wife to death — had his head knocked in a million times beforehand. The case is not exactly fascinating, (although the judge’s insane wig is kind of fascinating) but it does cause two surprising ripples:

Number one, Louis “Michael J.” Canning shows up working for the hockey league — and, just like Nancy Crozier two weeks ago, he never really plays his quirky card because he’s become symbolic over time for a Deeper Thing About Alicia — and Tammy shows up to cover the story for her sports journalism thing she does… that I guess is real.

In the wake of the Caitlin Thing, Alicia has no way of knowing how hard Diane went to bat for her raise, or how ****ty the ongoing Will mutiny among David Lee, Julius and Eli ended up making it — so she feels burned on two fronts, because the raise is fractional comparatively. So when Canning plays his usual Pied Piper flute (and brilliantly deflects all of her usual objections about being a turncoat), there’s not a lot reason for her to stay loyal.

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