julianna-margulies-good-wife-S3.jpgOne of Diane’s Legal Aid cases involves a policewoman accused of shooting her husband, but the way her convicting jury acts seems like there’s more to the story. Kalinda joins in the hunt to find out more about them, see if there’s a way they can get their sympathetic judge to reverse the verdict, but Cary and Dana get super aggressive about keeping her away from them and eventually arrest her for harassment.

Meanwhile, Alicia and Peter are on pretty good terms after Grace’s non-abduction, so she asks him to help her get them into private school. For some reason, the once-excited Headmistress balks, and Peter gets completely scary in her face; meanwhile, Alicia has gone to threaten Black Jesus to stay away from Grace until she gets her mind right, which will be never. He’s aware, he says: Her “assistant” Kalinda threatened him with bodily harm when she was retrieving the child last week.

To repay the debt, Alicia bails Kalinda out — after she pulls a frankly scary move of her own on Cary, threatening a serious attack if he doesn’t quit shuffling Kalinda around the city — and they have a very curt, very pithy conversation about how Kalinda saved her kid last week. Alicia softens, which… For Alicia, it’s a lot. For a regular person, she’s still being pretty horrible, but for Alicia she ends up much kindlier toward Kalinda in the end.

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