julianna-margulies-good-wife-S3.jpgThere’s a riot at one of end of a college, and a murder at the other end. The riot arises from an interfaith rally of Muslims and Jews; the murder involves a swastika drawn poorly in blood on a young Jewish student’s forehead. One of Diane’s friends, an Islamic politico, brings L/G what starts as a trumped hate-crime battery charge and ends up being about the murder instead. The same guy also brings Eli an anti-anti-Muslim bigotry campaign, which he works on just long enough to get business from/revenge on a Jewish charity that burned him in the past.

Alicia ****s up the battery case about sixteen different ways, including falling for a Cary trick where she gets the suspect to implicate himself in the hate-crime battery at the riot — before the credits, she manages this — which in turn serves as cause for his murder trial; later she asks the Jewish judge to recuse himself and be replaced… The day before Rosh Hashanah, assuring a non-Jewish judge will preside. (This last thing is so goddamn heinous of her that Peter’s the only one gross enough to spot her agenda in time.)

Over at the SA’s office, it’s Peter’s first day! He talks a good yarn about playing it clean this time — going so far as to order that nobody allow any pleas for something like three months, I think. If by “clean” you mean “unbelievably slow-moving and annoying for everyone involved,” then yes. On the other hand, he has a duty to recreate the image of the office, particularly with himself at the head, so big moves seem like a good idea.

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