julianna-margulies-good-wife-S3.jpgBob Balaban! Carrie Preston! Aaron Tveit! For an episode with no Finn, this episode sure had great guest actors — not to mention the funniest five seconds of Julianna Margulies’s entire career. The main case was super interesting this week…

Wait, hang on. I’m getting ahead of myself. Obviously the most important thing here — the thing that you’ll want to hear about first — is the thrilling cliffhanger of whether or not Dana left the SA’s office for her defense job, and the answer there is: No. She is still at the State’s Attorney’s office, having been ****ed around about the job for crappy reasons. She is still someone we met five seconds ago and don’t care at all about, but it’s crucial that you know her career remains in the public sector.

Meanwhile, Kalinda was less of a character and more of a Kalinda-shaped blur this week, tossing off her two lines of dialogue from the middle of what seemed to be a sprint. Maybe doing some non-Peter business for Eli that we’ll just have to imagine for ourselves instead of getting to see it.

Anyway, the case was interesting: A citizen claiming the US government tortured him as a terrorist suspect ends up bringing the Treasury, the DOJ and the DOD into the mix, and before you know it Alicia’s been ordered to spy on her client because the eponymous order supercedes privilege, and at some point she realizes that her association with this guy is ruining her standing with Lockhart and Gardner (the old “if she becomes a liability” thing is getting more and more obvious) so she goes outside the firm.

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