julianna-margulies-good-wife-S3.jpgThe recently puffy Jonathan Groff shows up, looking slightly less puffy, to bring a case that manages to resurrect not only our old hated client ChumHum — honestly, did you think you’d ever hear from them again? — but also that old LA-based lady-poacher Rita Wilson, and reigning Broadway hottie J. Benjamin Hickey.

As a sort of sprawlingly awful take on the Syrian Uprising, it’s somewhat topical, but the surprising ways that it ****s with everybody are classic This Show. Kalinda’s got an Insurgent friend that checks in with her over Skype and goes missing by the end of the episode. Judge King Of Mississippi Denis O’Hare returns as a particularly embarrassing — and allergy-ridden — Occupy sympathizer. Jonathan Groff continues to be the Flavor of the Month five years after the rest of us knew who he was. And so on.

In the end, Groff gets his pretty white sister out of Syrian jail, and Viola Walsh gets a Golden Globe or whatever white people bull**** that really has nothing to do with Syrian politics and everything to do with denigrating protesters for their privileges over their intentions, because it’s lazy and stupid and Crash. A particularly boneheaded Boomer take on Millennial politics that manages to go all the way into Gen X hateful before all’s said and done, without ever really getting the point at all. It’s pretty gross.

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