julianna-margulies-good-wife-S3.jpgA surprise windfall in a pharmaceutical class-action draws the attention of Patti Nyholm, who teams up with Louis Canning to accuse Lockhart/Lyman of nuisance suits and legal misconduct. But their real aim keeps shifting: First it seems like they’re just gathering intel for an appeal on the original case, and then they start asking weird questions about the judge involved, and then it starts being about Basketball Wednesdays, and before you know it they’ve subpoenaed everybody on the entire show, from Alicia to Peter himself, to somehow link Will to this judge, or Peter to the judge, or Peter to Will, or Alicia to this judge…

Just when it stops making sense altogether, by design, they get the call they were waiting for: Patrick Edelstein, the Zuckerberg stand-in, has just left the firm and taken 20% of their business with him. Functionally destroying Lockhart/Gardner at the roots, maybe permanently, which is exactly what their corporate masters wanted all along: To shut the firm up, by bankrupting them, for being too good at their jobs. It’s a funny way to bring all the Wendy/Peter/Will stuff to a close, but also — bringing in as it does a fairly large number of guest stars, either in person or by name or association — putting a new spin on the whole deal, and bringing the firm to its knees like minutes before Will was about to come off suspension.

And he’s not the only one who could use a financially healthy L/G right now. After Alicia calls a random person about a check in Kalinda’s file — Leela’s husband, aka the man Kalinda was willing to kill Blake and/or **** Peter to hide from — things get very sticky for her, too. She spends most of the episode in her amazing apartment, digging out wads of secret cash and secret guns to go on the run, and is disappointed to learn that Will can’t slip her the last bit of advance money that could get her out of town forever.

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