julianna-margulies-good-wife-S3.jpgThose ads weren’t jerking us around: There really was a fair amount of AWOLNATION’s “Sail” in this episode. In this awesome, awesome episode.

So the Special Prosecutor that Peter decided on — after taking himself out of the Gardner investigation — is Wendy Scott-Carr. As usual, she treads the line between poise, self-righteous and no blinking (I call her “Weaponized Alicia”), but here’s the kicker: She’s more interested in going after Will directly than the Peter/Dana/Cary team ever seemed. Like, “I don’t even care about Bishop anymore” interested. WSC visits Diane for a little facetime, trying to turn her, for which reason Diane becomes this terrifying angel of righteousness who spends the rest of the episode having ****ing had it, straightening out life’s messes, giving people what for.

Such as Will, who is no longer allowed to sleep with Alicia, and Eli, whom — after a brutal cheese-related smackdown by fruit lobbyist Amy Sedaris — gets called a big old baby and then served a bunch of scotch to help with his big baby man-feelings. I guess since she’s getting hardcore with Will for the moment, she’s got to shore up support elsewhere, but since she’s right about absolutely everything this week it’s not as precarious as last year’s whole Bond-related “mommy and daddy are fighting” vibe. Still, interesting to think Diane might end up emotionally ganging up on Will with Eli, considering Will’s never really seemed too partial to the little elf.

Over on the SA side, nothing really of note happens beyond various luuuuuv triangle stuff, such as: Dana bought a jacket similar to the ones Kalinda wears, possibly to make Cary want her more; Dana loves flirting with flirting with Kalinda almost as much as Kalinda seems to find it hilarious; and Kalinda manages to talk about lesbianing just hot enough that it finally drives Dana right into bed… With Cary.

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