matthew perry good wife 'The Good Wife' recap: What Won't That Jackie Do?In an episode of pretty much continuous shockers, twists and hilarious returns to old relationship dynamics, it’s nice to see just how far some of these mother****ers will go to blow Alicia’s mind. The case itself — a West Memphis Three gloss that Kalinda solves in her usual way — is important mainly for the fact that Alicia’s relationship with Cary is improving at a rate equal to his dissatisfaction at the SA’s, and that it gives Kalinda cool stuff to do while the rest of the episode is going on.

Will sleeps with one of the lawyers involved, who is a pretty yucky person but not a super yucky person — very much like most of the women he sleeps with — and Eli is forced to abandon Vanessa’s IL Senate campaign, after sleeping with her, due to some backroom boy’s club stuff that is par for the yuckiness course. Parker Posey is very lovely, and sparkles more in this episode than to date, but I can’t say I’ll miss Vanessa too much.

Right. So the Jackie Showdown ends with Alicia’s sudden realization that Jackie is buying the old house so that she can move in with Peter and the kids and just actually replace her daughter-in-law as the woman in their lives, and Jackie just barely bothering to say she’s wrong. Softening toward Kalinda more all the time, Alicia hires her to look into Jackie’s affairs, and learns that she borrowed the cash from the kids’ trust. But before she can even apply pressure about it, Peter’s flipped out in his mom’s face and told her to back the hell off… Resulting in a truly trippy fake (?) stroke that is either really sad, or the awesomest power grab that old b**** will ever try.

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