the good wife grace 'The Good Wife' Season 4 spoilers: Who's getting a new love interest?Yes, “Good Wife” fans, one of the ladies on the show is getting a new love interest this season — but don’t worry, it’s not Alicia (yet). She’s got plenty of men on her hands already. No, the girl who will finally meet someone is actually Grace Florrick (Makenzie Vega), Alicia and Peter’s teenage daughter.

While it’d be hard to classify 16-year-old Grace as rebellious, she hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park for Alicia. She actively campaigned for her father’s opponent, and her interest in the Bible and religion has confused Alicia throughout the series.

Her new love interest is no Bible-thumper, though. Grace will meet Connor in the eighth episode of the season. He hasn’t been cast yet, but the role is described as a “very handsome, cool, isolated, dangerously charismatic” student who attends Grace’s private school on scholarship. He’s definitely the school’s resident bad boy, with a “a prep school slacker vibe” about him.

As if Alicia needed more to worry about in her life.

Posted by:Carina MacKenzie