good wife season 5 civil war 'The Good Wife': Season 5 brings 'civil war' to Lockhart GardnerThe creators of “The Good Wife” brought a brief clip of Season 5 to the TCA summer press tour Monday (July 29), and it revealed a couple of things.

(A couple of spoilers ahead.)

First, Alicia (Julianna Margulies) and Cary (Matt Czuchry) are still at Lockhart Gardner in the wake of their plan to bolt the firm at the end of last season. And second, the partners are pretty suspicious that something is up, calling Alicia in to ask her to keep an eye on the fourth-year associates.

It all serves to help set up what co-creator Robert King calls an “explosive” season.

“It’s more about our team, not as much about all the guest stars coming in,” he says. “We really want to see how they all face each other — it’s basically a year about civil war.”

As for Alicia still being at the firm at the start of the season, King says, “We kind of want to get the audience wet with this difficulty of betraying your firm. We’ve been interviewing a lot of partners in agencies too, not just law firms, about what it’s like when they leave and take clients, and it’s a s***storm. So what we want is the quiet before the s***storm.”

Despite the apparent turmoil on the horizon, though, Margulies says Alicia really thinks she’s doing the right thing by planning to leave the firm.

“She knows if she stays, in her peripheral vision will always be Will,” Margulies says. “She can’t move forward with her commitment to saying yes to being first lady of Illinois and trying to make a go at this family as long as she and Will are working together. In her heart of hearts, she thinks that’s the smart move.”

Season 5 of “The Good Wife” is scheduled to premiere on Sept. 29.

Posted by:Rick Porter