anika noni rose good wife 2 'The Good Wife': Wendy Scott Carr, owned! Right in the face!On the latest “Good Wife” episode, Wendy Scott Carr gets owned right in the face by Alicia, Kalinda, Will and Peter. It’s pretty satisfying.

The State’s Attorney’s Office

A grand jury is impaneled to decide whether to bring a case against Will. The crux of the issue is that while a typical win rate for a firm is 60%, Lockhart/Gardner has been at 75%. And with the three judges who are suspected of being bribed (Winter, Dunaway and Parks), the win rate has been 95%.

The strategy on Will’s side is to turn the testimony towards Peter, as he’s the only one who can stop the grand jury from indicting (being the State’s Attorney). And if he thinks he’s being implicated in wrong-doing, he’ll put a stop to it.

The strategy on the side of Wendy Scott Carr is to question the firm about the McDermott case, which Will took over from Diane because the case was handed to Judge Parks. It wasn’t a great case, but they won anyway. And it’s the file Kalinda handed over to Dana.

Dana wants more from Kalinda because the McDermott case isn’t enough. She says they’ll tear up the rider evidence against Alicia if Kalinda gets them more.

The stay-at-home-dad PI is still on the case, tracking Will to Judge Parks’ office, where he photographs him giving the judge an envelope. They put Judge Parks on the stand in the grand jury and he invokes the fifth amendment over and over again.

The fifth is the way Elsbeth and Alicia urge Will to go, but he doesn’t. He says he met with Judge Parks and gave him money – to give to UNICEF for an immunization drive. It was his and Kalinda’s plan all along to get WSC to focus on Judge Parks and the McDermott case. And then they planted fake emails in the McDermott file.

Dana is enraged at having been duped by Kalinda, so she slaps her. And WSC turns her focus on Will’s affair with Alicia. When WSC brings it up in the grand jury, Cary objects to it as an inappropriate line of questioning, but WSC waves him off.

Alicia has to admit to it because she’s under oath, but when WSC implies that Alicia was put on a partner track because she was sleeping with Will, Alicia gathers her things and leaves, telling WSC she is out of control and daring WSC to arrest her for contempt.

So when it’s time to chose to indict, the grand jury not only wonders about Peter Florrick (because teh L/G team kept mentioning him), but they also find it weird that WSC questioned his wife and that Will Gardner is even the focus, wondering why the judge who kept taking the fifth isn’t the focus. It’s kind of hilarious.

She is then summarily dismissed by Peter, but she says she’s sending Will’s infractions to the bar association.

Case of the Week

There’s a random B plot where Eli Gold and Stacie Hall are competing for an account with the Gay and Lesbian Alliance of Chicago. Honestly, it’s rather stupid. But Eli does learn that Stacie was hired to run his ex wife Vanessa’s campaign for state Senate.

The Homefront

Peter finally confronts Alicia about her sleeping with Will, but he really doesn’t have a leg to stand on. But since she testified to it and that will be public record when the indictment comes, she has to tell the kids. Except at the last minute, Will isn’t indicted and she doesn’t have to tell them. She just tells them she wants to be a better mom and take them on a vacation.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • So, was WSC’s telling Will that her focus was actually Peter and not Will just a ploy to get Will to give her ammo against Peter? And when he didn’t, she just returned to her focus on Will? I’m still a little confused by that, anyone else?
  • How much did Alicia rock in her deposition? Julianna Margulies definitely earns her acting award nominations.
  • That was a weird version of “Here I Go Again” playing at the end of the episode. A strange vibe to put on that scene.

What did you think, “Good Wife” fans?

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