dylan baker good wife kate burton 'The Good Wife': You can't go home againOn the latest episode of “The Good Wife,” Colin Sweeney is back, creepy as ever. And Caitlin makes an interesting decision.

Case of the Week

The COTW is rather weird, but since Colin Sweeney (Dylan Baker) is involved, we should know better than to expect anything else. In his latest goings-on, Sweeney is trying to take over as CEO of his former company, but a woman has come forward claiming he sexually harassed her repeatedly and fathered her child.

There is some back and forth regarding perjury, but in the end it turns out he did father the child (via turkey baster after oral sex) and he reaches a deal with the accuser to raise the child and get his competitor thrown out from the CEO vote because the competitor put her up to it.


Will is hanging around, rather hilariously having to circumspectly answer questions if he wants to help anyone out with anything while he’s suspended. Meanwhile, Caitlin is resigning. David Lee thinks it’s because Alicia was mean to her, because he’s an unstable nutjob, but it’s actually because she’s pregnant and is going to get married right away.

The State’s Attorney’s Office

Peter is investigating a blog claim that two AUSAs had sex on his office couch. When Cary discovers the guilty party, who happens to be black, Peter fires him because of the no-tolerance office fraternization policy. But then Geneva points out to Cary that Peter seems to come down a lot harder on black employees, so Cary outs his relationship with Dana to Peter and Peter says his coming clean shows character and that his heart’s in the right place, so let’s just leave it. Cary insists, so Peter says he’ll think about temporary leave for Cary.

The Homefront

Alicia’s apartment building is going condo, so they have the right of first refusal to buy, or they have to move. She starts shopping around and realizes with her paycheck they aren’t exactly looking at the best places. But the Florricks’ old house is for sale, which the kids are really excited about – but Alicia can’t do it.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The Case of the Week was almost like something to eat up time in between the other plots. It was so weird and it ended so abruptly. We hate when they do cases like that.
  • On the other hand, the Caitlin storyline was great. It definitely is a whole different mindset with this generation (my generation) about motherhood vs. working. Once the women “were let out” of the kitchen to be working moms, they felt like they had to do it all to prove that they could. But now you can choose and as long as nobody forces you to do either one, you’re happy. That’s what we wanted all along, I feel.
  • Nice to see Bebe Neuwirth and Kate Burton in the courtroom. Speaking of which – nice to see Michael J. Fox on the previews for next week. He’s so great on this show.
  • Julianna Margulies killed that scene at the house. She is so expressive, it was really heart-breaking to watch.

What did you think, “Good Wife” fans?

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