anika noni rose good wife 2 'The Good Wife': You got servedApologies for the lateness of this recap, the football game and my forgetfulness had my recording cutting off the last 15 minutes. But anyway, on to “The Good Wife.”

Case of the Week

A divorce David Lee worked in Alicia’s first year comes back to haunt the firm, as the couple has reconciled and is now suing L/G for alienation of affection (which means they think the firm caused their divorce) and fraud (for selling a company the wife won in the settlement and making more money off the deal than she made.

The equity partners are each on the hook for $1.2 million, since malpractice insurance doesn’t cover intentional torts (assault, battery and trespass are common ones; alienation of affection is less common, but is still in the category). Eli Gold is particularly upset about this, since he just became an equity partner like a week ago and he uses this opportunity to go after David Lee, hoping Diane and Will will send him packing.

L/G ends up proving they were not fraudulent, though there are some suspicious actions on the part of David Lee regarding a document they can’t produce – he may have slipped a new one into some papers Alicia needed to sign for him to recreate the document they can’t find. Cary is even deposed about whether the document is a forgery and even though he can’t remember that particular document from two years ago, he says Alicia and David are competent, ethical attorneys and he doesn’t believe it’s a forgery.

It also comes out that Kalinda helped Lee hire a stripper to catch the husband in a DUI drop back when the divorce settlement was being worked out, so he would lose custody of his kids. So that’s not exactly a practice on the up-and-up, though the husband chose to sleep with the stripper and drink and drive of his own volition.

The State’s Attorney

This is rather interesting, since I was under the impression that after Wendy Scott Carr revealed to Will she was investigating Peter Florrick that meant she wasn’t actually investigating Will. But he proceeds to get a lawyer, Elsbeth Tascioni (yay Carrie Preston!), and Wendy indicts him after Elsbeth forces her hand. I guess I was mistaken about what that last scene meant in the last episode.

On the Home Front

Not much going on with Alicia’s personal life, but Diane has a new romance with the man who served them their subpoenas. He seems cool and he helps them win their case, but also – bring back Gary Cole, I liked him for Diane.

Thoughts & Tidbits

  • The scene where Diane advised Alicia about the maybe-forged document was really interesting. Because Diane wasn’t being a snake, she was being correct. Testimony is about your best memory and it’s the other side’s job to poke holes in it.
  • It was great to see F. Murray Abraham back as Burl Preston. He’s a terrific actor.
  • The scene between Elsbeth and Wendy Scott Carr was terrifyingly saccharine, no? Yikes.

Next week: Jason Biggs, so … get excited about that?

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