Long before “The Good Wife” killed off Will Gardner, actor Josh Charles had another notable TV role on Aaron Sorkin’s “Sports Night.” He played sports-news broadcaster Dan Rydell on that show between 1998 and 2000.

And on Friday night (March 28), Charles brought one character back from the grave for Keith Olbermann’s ESPN2 show, “Olbermann.”

The bit starts with little preamble and with Charles fully in the character of Dan Rydell. He and Olbermann spend a couple of minutes reporting on the sports highlights before Olbermann stops and asks what’s going on.

“I just thought they couldn’t find anyone who looked a lot like Peter Krause,” Charles responds, referring to his “Sports Night” co-star.

“Yeah, well I thought you were dead,” Olbermann responds.
After a quick “Apparently not” from Charles, the two agree that the actor was shipped over to the sports world to complete his “Good Wife” death.

While this obviously doesn’t do much to ease the grief of “Good Wife” fans, it’s nice to know that the actor — and love for “Sports Night” — lives on.

Posted by:Laurel Brown