becki newton the goodwin games fox 'The Goodwin Games' still in limbo plus more comedy thoughts from FOXIf you’re waiting on the edge of your seat for FOX’s midseason comedy “The Goodwin Games,” you might want to lean back. It could be a while.

FOX Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly said Tuesday (Jan. 8) that “The Goodwin Games” — which stars Scott Foley and Becki Newton and comes from three producers of “How I Met Your Mother” — probably won’t be on the air until later in the spring, or possibly the summer.

“If I thought ‘Goodwin Games’ was going to be an injection of life to the [Tuesday comedy] block, I’d bring it on earlier and upset things,” Reilly says. “‘Goodwin Games’ is a nice show. I’m not sure it’s going to improve our lot ratings-wise, so we’re going to hold off on it.”

Reilly says he’s been frustrated with the low ratings for the Tuesday comedies — “Our shows weren’t rejected, they weren’t even really sampled” — but he’s keeping the lineup intact with hopes that stability will give some traction for “Raising Hope,” “Ben and Kate,” “New Girl” and “The Mindy Project.”

“The way we’ve traditionally programmed these networks is with a lot of churn,” Reilly says. “But now with so many things on the air … what’s happening with out Tuesday night now is — I’m old-fashioned. I believe that good work eventually pays off. I thought this year it was all going to come together. Creatively I’m very happy with what’s happening in that block. We haven’t been able to deliver the ratings.”

Reilly is hoping that the slow-burn growth like what happened with “Seinfeld” in the early 1990s (that’s still the go-to example of a show that started modestly and grew into a big hit) will come to pass with FOX’s Tuesday shows. He says viewers don’t always feel the same urgency to watch comedies as they do dramas.

“Dramas tend to be louder, they tend to be a little bit more of a conceptual sell, a little bit more of an appointment sell, you gotta catch it now,” he says. “‘The Following’ is something we’re going to want people on board from the get-go, and I think they will be. When it comes to ‘The Mindy Project,’ there’s not as much urgency to view. Comedy generally, there’s not as much urgency to view, until you get hip with it and it becomes your favorite show.”

Posted by:Rick Porter