the great food truck race finale winner seoul sausage nonnas kitchenette 'The Great Food Truck Race' finale: Did Seoul Sausage or Nonna's Kitchenette win?Talk about dramatic — the last two teams left in “The Great Food Truck Race” finale, Nonna’s Kitchenette from New Jersey and Seoul Sausage from Los Angeles, were separated by just $103 when they finished the final leg, which took them to Boston, Mass. and Portland and Lubec, Maine. So, who walked away with the win?

After a hard-fought race, Seoul Sausage, which had led pretty much every week for the first half of the season, managed to pull through with the victory — although Nonna’s Kitchenette, which had made an impressive late-in-the-game push, finished just a Benjamin Franklin behind.

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The last leg of the race took the teams to three different New England cities. They started off in Boston, where they found primo parking spots in high-traffic shopping areas. Their truck stop involved making a traditional lobstah dish. Seoul went with a lobster roll, while Nonna’s did a lobster cake. Both of them had weaknesses — there wasn’t any claw meat in the warm roll; the cake was crumbly — but guest judge Captain Clark proclaimed Nonna’s the winner.

This meant that Nonna’s got $500 in the till, plus a three-hour head start to the next city: Portland, Maine. The poor Seoul guys had to shuck clams for three hours in Boston until they got to drive up to Maine too. Both teams sold well in Portland, but that three-hour head start really gave Nonna’s an edge.

Tyler threw both teams for a loop on the final leg of the finale. They had to drive to Lubec, Maine, the easternmost point in the country with a population of 1600 people. Thankfully, televised food truck competitions don’t get to Lubec very often so the whole town was gathered on Water Street to greet them.

Because the town was so small, Tyler restricted the trucks to selling food for $2 or less. What he didn’t tell them is that they were separated by five measly dollars when they got to Lubec, so essentially the entire competition came down to those last few hours.

Although Nonna’s made a strong comeback in the latter half of the race, it seemed fitting that Seoul would actually walk away with the title considering they’d been such a force to reckon with the entire time. Both teams were strong and worked together well, which is probably why they made it to the finale, and both deserved to win.

Are you happy that Seoul Sausage won “The Great Food Truck Race”? Or were you pulling for Nonna’s? Which food truck would you want to try? And is anyone else wondering what happens to the trucks after each team is kicked off? (Maybe we’re analyzing too much…)

Posted by:Jean Bentley