adam scott jon hamm simon and simon 'The Greatest Event in Television History' is a remake of the 'Simon & Simon' creditsAdult Swim aired what it modestly called “The Greatest Event in Television History” at midnight Thursday (Oct. 11). Was it? Watch it and see.

The momentous occasion, so big it needed a 10-minute pre-show hosted by Jeff Probst, was a shot-for-shot remake of the opening titles to the 1980s private-eye show “Simon & Simon,” with Jon Hamm and Adam Scott taking the roles of Gerald McRaney and Jameson Parker. Paul Rudd is your “director,” and you’ll also see cameos from Megan Mullally, Paul Scheer and Kathryn Hahn.

Scott and his wife, Naomi, were the driving forces behind this bit of goofiness, and Adam Scott directed it along with Lance Bangs. The shots match up really well with the original, so well-done there. Points also to Probst for his deadpan delivery of the ridiculous patter that’s only about five degrees off what actual hosts of puffed-up Hollywood events say.

Was it, in fact, the greatest event in television history? No. No, it was not. But we can think of far worse ways to kill 11 minutes and change. Watch and enjoy:

Posted by:Rick Porter