hangover 'The Hangover: Part II' trailer arrives. But can it deliver?Okay, brace yourselves. The full trailer for “The Hangover: Part II” hit the Internet Thursday (March 31). The good news: Apparently not all the funny parts are in the trailer. The bad news: We’re worried that there are no funny parts.

No one can blame director Todd Phillips for taking a formula that made “The Hangover” the funniest movie (it was, no arguments) of 2009. But lightning doesn’t usually strike twice and it looks to have completely missed this sequel’s entire set.

Once again, Bradley Cooper and co. wake up to find they’ve spent a debauched night — this time in Bangkok, Thailand — of which they have no recollection. Zach Galifianakis awakes with a shaved head, Ed Helms with a Mike Tyson-esque face tattoo. Bradley Cooper, of course, wakes up smoking hot.

Yet again, the boys have lost someone — this time, Stu’s (Helms’) brother-in-law to be. Could he have been taken hostage by Ken Jeong, who has been magically transported from Las Vegas to Bangkok? Or, could he perhaps be holed up at a Buddhist monastery that Galifianakis confuses for a P.F. Chang’s?

We’re not sure, dear readers, we’ll stick around long enough to find out:

Oh, and there’s a monkey this time instead of a tiger.

Posted by:Liz Kelly Nelson