hard times of rj berger 2 'Hard Times of RJ Berger': Bieber to 'Twilight,' Paul Iacono's 15 secrets to playing 15

MTV’s popular original series, “The Hard Times of RJ Berger,” has gotten quite a welcome from angst-ridden teens across the nation. It has even garnered the approval of the supreme teen, Justin Bieber
Already picked up for a second season, we’re in for another round of horny idiocy that is our teen years. Yet, it’s interesting to note that the quirky actor who plays RJ Berger, Paul Iacono, is actually 21-years-old. 
Iacono has been acting in theatre since before he was four, appeared numerous times on “The Rosie O’Donnel Show” and he starred in the 2009 remake of “Fame.”
The actor recently shared with Zap2it exclusively what it takes to transport him back to his awkward teen years.

Here’s the star’s 15 secrets to playing a 15-year-old:
1) Always have your makeup artist carry a razor. Whether it’s shaving your pits, chest or butt (Shout out to Dione Smith!) a 15-year-old nerd should never be looking like Bert Reynolds.

2) Eating clean. There’s no time for calisthenics when you’re filming 12-16 hour days, five days a week, and you’re in almost every scene. So eating healthy is a must.
3) Wardrobe. The second I step into those tight purple jeans and multi-colored hoodie, I am in it.
4) Yoga. Downward dogging whenever you can helps release all that teenage angst and below the belt tension.
5)  Tweeting. A fantastic way of learning the vernacular of the modern day youth. Example: “@GangstaTimmy2010: My ninja RJ best be gettin’ his nut tah nite o ima explode fo him!”
6) Silly Bands! Always a fun conversation starter at food courts in the mall on a Saturday afternoon. My favorite is the Alfred Hitchcock one.

hard times of rj berger 'Hard Times of RJ Berger': Bieber to 'Twilight,' Paul Iacono's 15 secrets to playing 15

7) A glass of white. Nothing takes the edge off a long day at Pinkerton High School like a liberal glass of Trimbach.
8) Tai Massages. A little Asian goes a long way.
9) Feeling good about being insecure. We all have our own fears and doubts but no one more than a 15 year old. When you can own them yet be vulnerable enough to show them.
10) Having a sense of humor. If you can’t laugh at yourself, than you’ll never understand some of the best comedy.
11) Comic books! I’ve read Batman comics since as soon as I could read. They are an amazing escape for me and it definitely takes me back to the days when I had nothing better to do on Friday night.
12) Eminem. The only artist other than Justin Bieber that understands teenage angst, like hating your mom!
13) “Twilight.” I learned everything I needed to know about acting and love while watching that film.
14) Justin Bieber. Enough said. And if he tweets about your TV show, you’re a lot more likely to get picked up for a second season.
15)  **For Season 2** Bad Hair. The worse my bed head gets the more the hair stylist loves me.
The Season 1 finale of “The Hard Times of RJ Berger” airs Monday (August 23)  at 10 p.m. ET on MTV.

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