Amy-Hard-Times-playbutton.jpgWhat happens when a beautiful brunette tutor comes strutting into RJ Berger’s (Paul Iacono) life? A love square, that’s what.

]]>“The Hard Times of RJ Berger” is about to introduce a new player into its already established love triangle between RJ, Lily (Kara Taitz) and Jenny (Amber Lancaster). When RJ’s grades begin to slip, he’s forced to seek help from a tutor. Little does he know what’s coming his way. We have an exclusive sneak peek at the very first scene featuring singer/actress Caitlin Crosby as Amy, the geek-chic tutor. In the clip, we see RJ fantasize about her half naked in a school girl outfit (which totally reminds us of fellow MTV star Jenni “J-Woww” Farley). Watch as Amy calls RJ out and tells him, “Girls can tell when you’re doing that.” Zap2it spoke with Crosby about her character on the show, whom she describes as the “Anti-Popular-People-Person.” “She starts out as the tutor and she’s very opposite of the blonde, Jenny Swanson,” Crosby tells us. “Which may or may not be refreshing for RJ… My character is kind of the voice of reason. She gives RJ a lot of good advice, and she’s really intelligent and has a good heart.” Adding, “I don’t know if she’s better [than Jenny]. I think [RJ and Amy] have a little bit more in common.” We can guess where this is going… Crosby, a natural blonde, dons fake glasses and dyed her hair for the part. But one aspect of her true self that viewers may get a peek at is her music. We’re told that Amy will front a punk band later in the season. Crosby will appear in all eight of the remaining episodes in Season 2. Watch the exclusive clip below, and tune in to “Hard Times” Monday (Apr. 18) at 10 PM on MTV.

Posted by:Sophie Schillaci