From LC to Lo from Brody to Frankie and from Heidi's sister to Spencer's sister, the cast of MTV hit "The Hills" was out in full force on the red carpet for the MTV Movie Awards Sunday.

The cast was there to promote the season five finale, airing directly before the awards show telecast (smart move on MTV's part no?) as well as talk about the bonus episodes coming up with new star Kristin Cavallari.

Lauren Conrad's longtime BFF, Lo Bosworth, said the show's "new direction" will likely grab more viewers but she'll obviously miss sharing the screen with Lauren.

"When we would film, it was just like us hanging out," Bosworth said. I guess not everyone thinks the show is a complete crock but maybe that's just because she's on the MTV payroll?

Either way, Bosworth only had nice things to say about her now former co-star.

"She was so good at balancing it out and I just hope that balance is still there."

Aw, BFF 4 life!
Posted by:Kate Stanhope